About Gallery 14

About Gallery 14

Coffee | Gifts | Art

A café was on the dream list for Wendy and Ricky after moving to Light Street in 2006. After researching renovations and red tape to transform the front of their home into a café, realising the costs involved before opening the doors became insurmountable.

Seeing an opportunity of renting a property close by, the dream started to take shape and came to fruition in March 2014.

Starting a café initially at the front of 14 Light Street, further opportunity with being able to expand the café by taking on the back or house of 14 Light Street to include unique gifts and local art and crafts for display/purchase.

Towards New Horizons

Looking to the future in times where it is not easy to sustain a small business, particularly regionally, and being able to keep locals in employment, we would like to see ourselves still in business well into the future and hope that we offer an eating and fun experience to keep you, our valued clientele coming back again and again receiving the same old fashioned friendly service in a warm and homely atmosphere.

Our Vision Statement

To serve the best coffee in a homely country environment, to put a smile on your dial with an all round experience in a small country town.

We are passionate about serving great coffee and supporting local business, our community and visitors to our town by providing a venue with a difference to be enjoyed by all.

Our Building started as a bank! Bank SA. Vault is now used for pantry

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Wonderful gifts from local artists

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